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Mantra Meditation Mix

Ra Ma Da Sa Lunar Eclipse Meditation ART
Ra Ma Da Sa Lunar Eclipse Meditation Mix

A Time for Healing

with the

Siri Gaitri Mantra
Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung  

Mantra meditation


Sit Comfortably, long Spine

inhale several slow deep breaths
tune into your inner divine teacher by chanting three times,

As you chant this mantra, you can extend your arms outward like you are about to hug someone as you chant ra ma da sa.
Imagine you are collecting the healing energies from the sun, the moon, the earth and all the unmanifested energy in the cosmos.
and then sweep that energy towards you with your arms as you chant sa say so hung.
As you chant hung, pull your belly in, to embody all that miraculous healing energy into your being.

alternatively, you can tuck your elbows in by your side and extend your forearms up 45 degrees holding your hands flat, palms up.  In this way, sense the healing energy flowing into your palms.

When you have finished chanting, relax your arms and sit still for a while and imagine yourself, or whomever or whatever you have intended healing for, surrounded in shining healing white light. 
meditate in silence for a while and experience the sound current and its frequency shimmering throughout your being.


chant SAT NAM to conclude. 


Peace, Love, Light & Healing
Kalyan Darshan

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