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Shine your Heart Light Bright with the Leo's New Moon!

When the sun & moon join together in Leo, we are encouraged to be still & listen to our hearts. New Moons are a great time to re-imagine ourselves in some way, big or small. New Moon energy supports our efforts when we ignite an idea, set a project into motion, or take some moments to breathe and reset ourselves with the moon. When the sun and moon join together in Leo on August 18, we are encouraged to be still and listen to our hearts. Leo is governed by the Sun, and the cosmic currents during this Leo new moon bring tremendous creative energy to our biggest boldest dreams. It ignites a new light within our hearts for emboldening our purpose as creators upon this planet. The highest expression of Leo can be envisaged as a joy-filled child, excited to share their latest creation. With a smiling radiant face, ego-free and innocent, Leo’s desire is to be loved and accepted for who they are and what they are so passionate to share. Leo is the Lion, king of the jungle, a courageous leader, bold and confident, all qualities we can embody at this time. As we look to the starry skies, we see that we are in the midst of a massive cosmic revolution. It is mirrored on earth as a tremendous metamorphosis from the age-old established structures, unable to support humanity or our global home, to a new age of enlightenment, the age of Aquarius. This revolution is happening within us too. Our hearts are receiving an energetic overhaul, and as uncomfortable as it might feel emotionally, it is making space for more of our creative potential light to radiate into our consciousness. We are being called like never before to express our own uniqueness and bring it to the world. Each one of us has something integral to share. During our New Moon Meditation, we will practice a meditation for opening and feeling into our hearts. From this space of peaceful stillness, we can listen for the gentle whispers, and set intentions accordingly. To activate our confidence and courage, and set us on our path, we will align our consciousness with the Infinite Creative Flow of the Universe with a powerful mantra meditation, energizing our new intentions. The Universe is conscious! It wants to collaborate with YOU! All the power you need is available to you, and we become conscious of this when we come home to our hearts. What new seeds will we plant during this revolutionary new moon that in time will grow bright and beautiful? Let’s experience a new sense of ourselves and remember why we are here on the planet at this time. We will begin with light yoga to release tension and open up our energetic channels in preparation for our meditations. Following our meditations, relax to the sounds of gong and crystal singing bowls. Let’s support each other's evolution! Whatever challenges us at this time is tempering us for our highest selves to emerge, shining like Leo's sun! Wear something comfy, be hydrated, and create a comfy space to practice. We’ll begin at 7 pm via zoom. I'm excited and hope you are too!

All are welcome!

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