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Kalyan Darshan Kundalini Yoga




Change your life with Yoga and Meditation

Online via Zoom

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays @ 10 am

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As science has begun to understand how consciousness is the fundamental 'stuff' of reality, it is beginning to realize the tremendous potential for transformation every human being has.  No matter what our circumstances, we have the capacity for great change when we bring our consciousness to it.  


There is plenty of research to support that we are each personally involved in creating our realities through our expression of consciousness.  With the Kundalini yogic technology, mindful breathing, and meditation offered in this class, we awaken to a new elevated state of consciousness.  Our bodies gift us with the physical hardware and we can guide our minds to take us anywhere.   We can make quantum strides in transforming our lives into the reality we desire. 


Kundalini Yoga is a quantum technology meaning that it has the potential to shift the smallest particles of energy.  Within these subtle energy fields are many patterns of information that dictate how we create our lives.  The patterns of information that don't support us are, for the most part, subconscious.  They hold us back from the realities we wish to create, preventing change, no matter how hard we try.  

The reality we experience is an expression of our thoughts and feelings and the actions we take which are usually governed by them.  Our thoughts are electrical and our feelings are magnetic.  Our thoughts are the product of our nervous system and our feelings are the product of our glandular system.  These systems modulate together and impact each other constantly. When we learn how to access them, they can shift in a heartbeat.


Kundalini Yoga strengthens, balances, cleanses, and aligns these systems.  Not only does this practice make us physically stronger, it also boosts our immune system, our resilience, and ELEVATES OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  In these elevated states, we literally rewire our brain and change our subconscious programming to reflect the intentions we set and mindfully imagine.

As a result, our bodies begin to reflect the future we desire as opposed to the past experiences we regurgitate by default each day.  We begin to notice that we make different and better decisions without even trying and serendipitous circumstances begin to appear.  This is a result of activating the law of attraction with the upgraded electromagnetic field we emanate.  We awaken to the magnificent ability of consciously creating our reality.

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We are all aware of the distress humanity is facing as we move into the Age of Aquarius. These practices were designed for these times. 

All of us are wired for this evolution.


🌟 Get comfortable with your prepared space with yoga mat, pillow and blanket.

🌟 If you're attending Wednesday's Midweek Yoga in the Park, meet us at Homewood Park, Lazy Lane, Houston TX.

If you're attending Thursday or Fridays online class, connect via with the link you receive beforehand.

🌟 With breath and grounding practices we prepare to enter the practice.

🌟 We "tune in" with the Adi Mantra and align with our Higher Self and Infinite Wisdom.

🌟 We practice specific yoga sets and breath work that specifically energize, cleanse, and clear our nervous system, our glandular system, and subtle energy systems.

🌟 We relax deeply in Savasana, lying down, integrating the practices with the healing sounds of the Gong or Crystal Singing Bowls. 

🌟 We practice specific meditations for expanding the mind, planting the seeds of our intentions.

🌟 We emerge changed, energized, uplifted, and more deeply connected with our hearts, our true destiny.

Online via Zoom  :: Tuesdays, Thursdays &  Fridays 10 am

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