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Kundalini Yoga  in  Houston TX

Kalyan Darshan

Transformation Facilitator

Kundalini & Meridian Yoga · Mantra · Meditation · Astrology · Sound

Awaken to Your Body's Intelligence.

Connect It

With the Mind of the Universe

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Warm Greetings! Sat Nam!  And Thank You for visiting!

Are you waking up and realizing you want to be the change you wish to see in the world?  Maybe your inner voice is prompting you to commence your journey to self-actualization.  

Here you will find Kundalini Yoga, Meridian (Yin) Yoga, mantra, meditation, and transformational mind expansive offerings that will support you along the way. 


Strengthen, relax and heal your body and mind, and awaken to your soul.

Beyond the tremendous physiological benefits you'll receive, these practices will bring your life into focus.  

Bring attention to areas of your life you have been living unconsciously, and transcend yourself, again and again.

I invite you to join in the Livestream Classes, Meditations, and Cosmic Events! And if you are ready to make a radical change, email me about private sessions. 


If you are seeking to understand your fundamental energetic blue print with an astrological birth chart reading, email  your inquiry here!

Reach out if you have any questions.

Wishing you a great day!

Kalyan Darshan

 Ego Eradicator with Breath of Fire

Yoga and Meditation

Current Series:

Kundalini Yoga 2023 Intention Series

Jan 16 - 26, 2023

@ 6pm Central Time

60 mins


New Moon activations to refocus and renew intentions.

Full Moon meditations for launching, releasing & healing.

Contemplative, relaxing mindful journeys for self reflection, for nourishing your spirit, and for gaining a refreshed perspective. 

Activate the law of attraction and recalibrate your life.

75 mins


Guided Meditations

Overcome stress and anxiety, and cultivate peace and calm.

Contribute to the peace you wish to see in the world.

Subscribe for updates.

15 mins


Personalized classes and meditations for you, your family, workplace, community.

Kundalini Yoga

Meridian Yin Yoga

Yoga Nidra


Sound & Energy Healing

Astrology Readings

Reach out and let me know what you seek.

Image by Abed Ismail

Cosmic Events

☽ Save the Date ☾

Aquarius New Super Moon Activation
Saturday, Jan 21
@ 7pm Central Time
Sunday, Jan 22 @ 11am Aust. Eastern Standard Time


that is,

we are becoming more open to understanding and experiencing

ourselves and our lives

in new ways.

Restore Energy Flow

Expand Awareness

Practice Kundalini Yoga &

Meridian Yoga Therapy

Awakening you to YOU

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